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Emergency relief - Related links
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Anxious to help, they come as builders and end up as porters in the morgues  
Hot, sweaty, pink-skinned and carrying a large green holdall, you can tell that Ian Archer, a builder, has just stepped off the plane when he arrives at the volunteer centre in Phuket town hall. Mr Archer is a sudden convert to direct action, inspired by the contrast between the TV images of suffering he saw in south Asia and the comfort of his British home.  Visit site
Donations flood prompts aid group to call halt for South Asia 
The medical relief agency Medicins Sans Frontiers said the 54 million dollars collected for South Asia was enough and issued what it said was a first-ever call Tuesday for a halt to donations.  Visit site
Red Cross steps up aid efforts in Aceh 
The Red Cross relief effort in the Indonesian province of Aceh is focused on the devastated town of Meulaboh, where an estimated 40,000 people died. Joining the thousands of Indonesian Red Cross volunteers are emergency response units from sister National Societies that will be providing essential water, sanitation and health services.  Visit site
A Thai volunteer's tsunami story 
A nameless Thai volunteer recounts how she and her friends help retrieve bodies in Phuket, Thailand. They translated Thai to English and other European languages, enabling rescuers and family members to communicate and find dead relatives and loved ones.  Visit site
Ham radio to the rescue in tsunami-hit Andaman 
When tsunami waves broke all communication lines across India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands, ham radio came to the rescue. Pharati Prasad, India's foremost amateur ham radio operator, was attempting a new transmission record here when the Dec 26 earthquake followed by the giant waves hit the archipelago.  Visit site
Techies take up relief works in Nagapattinam 
Several groups of young software engineers from Bangalore and Chennai have arrived at various parts of Nagapattinam district to carry out relief operations. These groups, comprising professionals from companies like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, AdventNet, Xerago, arrived on Friday night. They have brought with them generous contributions of their fellow employees to help those affected in the district, the worst-affected in Tamil Nadu.  Visit site
Civilians fill aid void in Indonesia while govt falters 
Red fire trucks, pickup trucks, four-wheel drives and large buses — all loaded with instant noodles, sugar, rice and coffee. There is little central organization to this aid effort, and even less government involvement. It is the work of community groups, mosques, government employees and students whose efforts sprang up spontaneously in the wake of the Indonesian island of Sumatra's shocking, and rising, death toll from Sunday's tsunami.  Visit site
Indians in US organize relief funds 
As the death toll climbs‚ local Indian groups in the United Sates of America have decided to band together to help provide relief to their reeling homeland. Local Indian organizations hope to raise $100‚000 at an event they have scheduled for January 22.  Visit site
Red Cross volunteers' relief effort in full swing 
The initial response by Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers in the vital first few days of the crisis in evacuating survivors and providing emergency relief materials is being bolstered by an international operation which will assist over two million people in the most vulnerable communities affected by the crisis over the next six months.  Visit site
Rotary world rallies to aid victims of deadly quake and tsunami  
The death toll has risen to more than 100,000 in the dozen or more countries hit by the devastating tsunami that swept ashore from the Indian Ocean on 26 December. Rotarians around the world have responded to this tragedy with an outpouring of condolences and offers of support to the victims of the disaster.  Visit site

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