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Relief supplies reach Somalia tsunami victims 
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday said it had started distributing food to Somali survivors of the deadly tsunami wave that struck the country's Indian Ocean coast at the weekend, as the death toll climbed to 132.  Visit site
Indonesian forestry ministry to send volunteers to Aceh 
The Indonesian forestry ministry is ready to send volunteers to Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam to help the victims of a natural disaster which had killed over 30,000 people.  Visit site
Volunteers at disaster call centres comfort distraught family members 
The Red Cross disaster call centre in Wellington has opened for the first time in five years to field calls from thousands of people in New Zealand with friends and family caught up in the tsunami tragedy. Volunteers manning 14 emergency lines have already received 2000 calls.  Visit site
Australia sends volunteers, supplies to tsunami zone 
Along with emergency supplies and logistics experts, Australia has sent volunteers to areas devastated by the Asian tsunami. Australian Red Cross acting secretary-general Dale Cleaver says it will send additional volunteers over the next few days.  Visit site
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American Red Cross volunteers respond to tsunamis 
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in South Asia mobilized staff and volunteers to affected areas immediately to assist with the recovery needs. Emergency assessment and first-aid teams reached some of the affected areas the day of the tragedy.  Visit site
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Brazilian volunteers ready to help Asian tsunami victims 
The health coordinator of Doctors Without Frontiers of Brazil, Mauro Nunes, said that the NGO is sending volunteer teams from various countries to the affected regions. He said the Brazilian volunteers from the organization are prepared to assist the victims.   Visit site
Amateur aid workers bring cheer in Sri Lanka 
Where the government and aid agencies are slow to get off the mark, others are stepping in. Baseer, Jehan and Priyam are among a group of young Colombo residents who have driven to Galle with truckloads of supplies. They are members of the Road Track club, a junior wing of the Rotary Club. "We've seen the images on television and heard that people here needed help. So we came down," says Jehan, a brand manager with NestlĂ©.  Visit site
Salvation Army volunteers collect funds for chlorine tablets 
Volunteers with the Salvation Army Damariscotta Region Human Services Unit have initiated a fund-raising drive to deliver desperately needed chlorine tablets to victims of the tsunami affecting southeast Asia and eastern Africa, where the death toll is estimated at over 60,000.  Visit site
Relief workers help bring life back to normal in Indian state 
Four days after the killer tsumanis wrecked the Tamil Nadu coast claiming over 6,500 lives, Colachel in Kanyakumari district, one of the worst hit, is slowly limping back to normalcy. The local government hospital, which saw four doctors work round-the-clock past three days, is now filled with doctors and nurses. They have arrived from neighbouring districts and the Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital.  Visit site
Bloggers build the information gap for worried families 
As worry-struck families attempt to find out the fate of loved ones, Internet weblogs are proving to be valuable sources of fast, reliable information. A small band of Internet enthusiasts in the region set up SEA-EAT, the South East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami weblog, which has fast become the key online clearing house for people to share information and contact details.  Visit site

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