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Ideas on how to volunteer in Haiti 
Hands-on opportunities exist in Haiti right now — and the need for volunteers is expected to grow in the weeks and months to come.

US website Tonic.com has compiled a list of organizations that need volunteers in Haiti. If you have skills that you believe could be useful in rebuilding Port-au-Prince, these organizations may want to hear from you. Click here to also view World Volunteer Web's resources pages.

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Crisis Camp Haiti: Techno-types volunteer their computer skills to aid quake victims 
Thomas and about 45 other self-described "techies and geo-geeks" and other volunteers met at USC to collaborate on ways to use computers to design improved maps of battered Port-au-Prince neighborhoods, concoct better family-locater services for quake victims and speed more accurate and timely relief information from more closely coordinated data feeds   Visit site
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Haiti relief work: How you can volunteer now 
Relief organizations largely say that right now, money donations are needed more than additional aid volunteers.

“It’s a bit of a tough one for impromptu volunteers to enter into the fold,” says Richard Muffley, spokesman for the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) in Washington. Unsolicited volunteers may not have the needed training from aid organizations and will still need to be fed and housed once in a disaster zone, he says. “Cash is truly the most economical and efficient way of making a contribution.”

But Mr. Muffley and other aid organizations also say there are still opportunities to be hands-on with Haiti earthquake relief – which, they note, will continue long after the shock the quake triggered this week.

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More than 7,000 US nurses volunteer for Haiti 
More than 7,000 nurses in the United States have volunteered to go to Haiti to help injured survivors of the devastating earthquake.

National Nurses United, a national union, says nurses nationwide have answered its appeal to travel to the island country. Spokesman Charles Idelson said Friday that more than 1,000 nurses have registered in California and about 500 in New York.

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Want to volunteer in Haiti? Ask aid groups, not airlines 

The reports, photos and televised coverage of the disaster caused by Tuesday's 7.0 earthquake in Haiti has caused many people around the world to seek ways to help. While some people want to donate money, other people want to donate their time and expertise to help.

But anyone desiring to go to Haiti to help with disaster relief efforts would probably be better off contacting a relief agency rather than try to go there on their own.

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Volunteers gear up for Hurricane Gustav relief 
Satellite photo of Hurricane Gustav as at 1 September 2008. (NOAA)
As the US Gulf Coast braces itself for the onslaught of Hurricane Gustav, this time thousands of volunteers are swinging into action to offer their support to evacuees. The American Red Cross is playing a major part, having prepositioned supplies into the region to shelter 500,000 people for six days. Some 3,000 disaster response volunteers and staff are already in place.  Visit site
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Satellite phone lifeline in conflict zones and disasters 
Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) provides vital communications to people who have lost absolutely everything - a vital link for aid agencies and a lifeline to friends and relatives from Iraq and Niger to Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. TSF has been out on more than 70 missions to 50-odd countries and it has 20 full-time staff and twice that number of volunteers.   Visit site
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Red Cross / Red Crescent (IFRC) 
On these pages you will find information about how you can volunteer with IFRC's 186 National Societies around the world and help in their mission to assist the lives of the most vulnerable. The International Federation does not recruit volunteers to work overseas, as it works through its National Societies. The International Federation instead focuses on supporting volunteering development in our member societies.   Visit site
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Volunteers fill Myanmar relief void 
Bloggers may find their messages blocked by Myanmar's military regime, but that hasn't stopped blogger Nyi Lynn Seck from raising tens of thousands of dollars for cyclone survivors through his Web site. Nyi Lynn Seck quit his job as a manager at a software solutions company to lead six volunteers, including four other bloggers, on a mission to aid villages around Labutta. They have been here since May 9.  Visit site
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Trained volunteers disseminate mental health message in Sichuan 
In 2007, an AusAID-funded team of key mental health experts formulated a set of ten key messages to assist communities in China manage children's mental health post disaster. Teachers and community leaders trained when the messages were piloted are currently volunteering in Sichuan and are regarded as 'on-the-ground' experts in psychological first aid for children.  Visit site
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