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A host of events in Brazil
01 January 2009

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: In partnership with five volunteer centres from the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, UNV Brazil created the Semana Brasil Voluntário (Brazilian Volunteer Week) effective from 2 to 9 December 2008.

The week was promoted through special mailings (approximately 5,000 directly addressed) and . It offered: volunteer assignments onsite and online focusing on the MDGs; informed about IVD events throughout Brazil; and offered contacts and blogging to keep interested people and volunteers updated.

In addition, official IVD statements were uploaded in Portuguese. In order to respond to the flood disaster in Santa Catarina a special section highlighting volunteer opportunities was included. A full list of partners that supported the SBV can be found on the website (65 from all sectors)

In Brasília on 9 December 2008 at the premises of TV Supren there was a closing ceremony of SBV and a celebration of both IVD and the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The event was entirely sponsored by UNDP partner organization União Planetária and organized by UNV Brazil. Around 250 special guests participated at the celebration that consisted of several speeches (UNV, União Planetária, Special Department for Human Rights (Federal Brazilian Government), and statements made by UNV volunteers and partners in order to highlight the mutual benefit of volunteering).

Local bands (volunteers) and the Coral da Paz (UN staff members) were responsible for the artistic programme.

Guests included: Secretaria Especial de Direitos Humanos, Perli Cipriano (representing the Minister); Dra. Nair Bicalho (Commission for Human Rights Education); Mais TV's Hermano Albuquerque (President) and Carlos André (Vice President); plus Sky TV: President.

In Curitiba on 4 December 2008, there was a Teatro Positivo event.The volunteer centre Centro de Ação Voluntária (CAV) organized a volunteer award and UNV Brazil was part of the jury committee.

During the weeks preceding IVD, the committee selected five finalists in five categories to be awarded on the night of 4 December. The five categories were: volunteer nominated by an NGO, volunteer nominated by a company, volunteer nominated by a school, volunteer-involving organization (management of volunteers) and educational establishments (management of volunteers).

Award celebrations were held in the largest theatre in Curitiba with the participation of approximately 1,500 volunteers and guests. The ceremony was led by a journalist and a famous actor, both from Curitiba, and included official speeches, the actual award ceremony and a concert.

All five categories were awarded separately inviting the five finalists on the stage. Short videos presented the volunteer activities developed by each finalist and only then the envelope with the name of the winner was opened. The trophy was handed over by five different invitees famous for their activities in volunteerism or social work.

See for additional details

At Vitória city hall on 1 December 2008 there was an award ceremony to certify volunteers that actively participated in the project Mundo Jovem Cidadão, an initiative by the Municipality of Vitória and UNV Brazil, and the opening of the Semana Brasil Voluntário. It was decided to organize the ceremony within the week of IVD to make a global reference and additionally stress the importance of a local project and its contribution to global initiatives and movements. The ceremony honoured groups and group leaders that developed and successfully implemented projects under the Mundo Jovem Cidadão throughout 2008 and enjoyed the participation of the Mayor, João Coser, the Secretary for Environment, Antônio Tarcísio Correia de Melo, project managers, and partners (especially NGOs and Universities). UNV delivered a speech and handed over certificates together with the Mayor. Partners included Prefeitura Municipal de Vitória (ES), Secretaria Municipal de Meio Ambiente de Vitória (SEMMAM), Programa das Nações Unidas para o Desenvolvimento (PNUD), Programa dos Voluntários das Nações Unidas (UNV), Centro Brasileiro de Protagonismo Juvenil (CPJ).