Earthquake Diary: 21 May
24 May 2008, 05:18
by Liu Lei

Volunteers form a human chain to distribute food and water to earthquake survivors. (L. Liu.UNV)Volunteers form a human chain to distribute food and water to earthquake survivors. (L. Liu.UNV)
Mian Yang, Sichuan province, China: Today is the last day of the nationwide mourning. The whole of China is still immersed in sadness, but she is recovering with the great courage of our Chinese people.

In the early morning, I receive a complaint that somebody sold tents yesterday using the name of the local Red Cross to transport them to Chengdu taking advantage of the emergency transportation system. People around who observed the illegal business had a conflict with the company members. Many witnesses also took evidence in the form of photographs and video.

Under the current condition of emergency, such illegal behavior has to be prohibited completely. In order to clarify the process of this case and submit a report correctly, I begin to call people one by one, who gives me their complaints, and I investigate like Sherlock Holmes…

After finding the person who witnessed the conflict and took evidence, I collect all information and quickly report it to the delegate of the IFRC. He then transfers my information promptly to the director of the Sichuan Red Cross.

Now, as I know this case is under further investigation by the local Public Security Bureau and the committee of discipline and inspection. The illegal behavior will be punished harshly. I’m happy that with the efforts of all kinds of people around us, our compatriots who died in this devastating disaster will be well protected and our lives will be better.

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