Emergency relief
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16 August 2011
Editorial: Humanitarian volunteers: making change happen 
Bonn, Germany: Whenever our televisions show distressing scenes of war, famine or disaster, inevitably we ask ourselves: “What can we do to help?” It’s the kind of question that makes us human, and many people do go the extra mile and act.  Read article
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21 May 2011
Cultures of safety: "Volunteers essential" by Jacinda Fairholm
Delegates at the 3rd Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 10-13 May, 2011. (UNV)
Geneva, Switzerland: Community volunteers are essential in building cultures of safety, solidarity and ownership, said delegates at a recent conference on disaster risk.  Read article
01 January 2009
A host of events in Brazil 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: In Brazil, events in four major cities marked both International Volunteer Day and a volunteer week. Organizations and key people from across Brazilian society got involved: there were more than 70 partners; 200,000 e-mails were sent and 1,900 volunteers in 337 cities participated in at least one of the 50 volunteer assignments linked to the volunteer week.  Read article
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23 May 2008
Earthquake Diary: 23 May by Liu Lei
Mianyang, Sichuan province, China: In order to make the best use of the IFRC tents, we negotiate with the Mianyang Red Cross that all family tents will only be used by hospitals and schools; small tents go to individual refugees. According to the plan, together with the regional health delegate UNV will help track the usage and operate an inspection to avoid abuse of the system.  Read article
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26 February 2008
California creates cabinet post to manage volunteers by Jennifer Steinhauer
California, USA: Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is creating a cabinet-level office for volunteer management, the first such state cabinet position in USA.  Read article
From: New York Times, USA
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