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Environment - Related events
03 December 2008
Lebanon - IVD events 
Damour, Lebanon: This year’s IVD main activity consists of 'Planting around 2,000 trees' to help restore the green environment in the damaged forest of Damour.  View event
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03 December 2008
Egypt - IVD events 
Cairo, Egypt: UNV is organizing a 'Clean the Nile Day' and a football match, in collaboration with Al Ahly Sporting Club, in order to raise awareness about the MDGs and volunteerism.  View event
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03 December 2008
Nepal - IVD events - Kathmandu cleanup 
Kathmandu, Nepal: UNV and VSAs in Nepal have proposed a street cleaning campaign in Kathmandu to highlight the positive aspects of volunteerism: they anticipate about more than 300 national and international volunteers to participate in the event, including some street children. There will be some high officials from UNDP Country Office Team also participating in the cleaning campaign.  View event
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01 December 2008
Syria - IVD events 
Lattakia and Damascus, Syria: This year a number of UN agencies and NGOs in Syria are promoting volunteerism for environmental awareness (MDG 7) through organizing an Environmental Campaign focusing on canvas bags as an alternative to plastic bags.   View event
Syria Flyer Arabic (293 kb) Syria Flyer English (291 kb)

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27 November 2008
Haiti - IVD events 
Gonaïves, Haiti: International Volunteer Day 2008 will be celebrated this year in Haiti in the city of Gonaïves around the theme: 'Environment protection and disaster management and preparedness'. The theme was selected based on the fact that hurricanes that visit the Caribbean almost every, harshly hit the city of Gonaïves last September.   View event
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25 November 2008
US (WA) - IVD events 
Vancouver, WA, USA: The StreamTeam completes projects to restore salmon habitat that include native tree plantings, environmental education, water quality monitoring and non-native plant removal.  View event
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24 November 2008
Philippines - IVD events - Advocacy Run for Volunteerism 
Manila, the Philippines: In association with partners in the Philippines, the 2.5 km Advocacy Run for Volunteerism aims at promoting volunteerism as well as raising public awareness about climate change, while an HIV/AIDS event aims to tackle MDG6.
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24 November 2008
Malaysia - IVD events - Clean up the Melaka River  
Melaka, Malaysia: World Youth Foundation (WYF) has joined one of the world’s largest environmental campaigns, Clean Up the World, to help make a difference in Malaysia.  View event
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14 July 2008
Volvo Adventure 
The Volvo Adventure - in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme - is an educational programme that rewards environmental activities and the decision-makers of the future. To enter, you form a team of two to five members aged 13 to 16 years and perform an environmental project in your local community. You submit the project via our online submission tool before the 31 January 2009 deadline.  View event
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10 April 2006
Preserving heritage varieties and endangered species in the Kootenays by World Volunteer Web User
The project aims to involve international volunteers in environmental gardening projects connected to food security and preserving endangered and heritage varieties.   View event
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