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ProFauna Indonesia 
ProFauna Indonesia offers volunteering opportunities to anyone interested. The activities in the organization's projects range from education of wildlife conservation to public camapign and awareness programmes.  Visit site
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Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) 
The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is a Cameroonian non-profit organization focusing on the conservation of wildlife and the protection of fragile environments.   Visit site
More about: Cameroon  HIV/AIDS  Health
Progressive Volunteers (PV) 
Progressive Volunteers (PV) is a community based organization focused on strengthening a wide and comitted volunteering network in Kenya. PV is contributing to social and economic development throughout the country by organizing volunteers and by promoting community development initiatives.   Visit site
Permaculture Action Asia (Philippines) 
Permaculture Action Asia is a non-profit NGO focused on permaculture. Permaculture is a design system aiming at creating sustainable human environments. The organization provides free permaculture education, permaculture consultancy and reforestation services using permaculture principles for clients around Asia and the Pacific.  Visit site
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More than 800 Ukrainians join Volunteers Weekend 
Перша і така хвилююча зустріч із новою родиною
Organizers decided to combine their efforts on 5 December into a grand two-day celebration all over Ukraine. In order not to limit the time or geographical scope of the celebration, the organizers invited NGOs to step in with their proposals for ways to celebrate International Volunteer Day. The campaign was entitled 'The Volunteer Weekend' and lasted from Saturday 5 December until Sunday 6 December. Twenty-two associations and 855 volunteers came together to organize 24 volunteer events all over Ukraine.   Visit site
More about: Ukraine  Children
Internationaler Tag der Freiwilligen mit dem Schwerpunkt Klima 
Jedes Jahr am 5. Dezember findet der Internationale Tag der Freiwilligen statt. In diesem Jahr fällt dieses Datum unmittelbar vor den Beginn der UN-Klimakonferenz in Kopenhagen (7.-18. Dezember). Angesichts der Bedrohungen der Erde hat das UN-Freiwilligenprogramm (United Nations Volunteers Programme – UNV) den diesjährigen Tag der Freiwilligen deshalb unter das Motto „Volunteering for our Planet“ gestellt.  Visit site
More about: Germany
CERFA - Jardín Botánico las Orquídeas 
CERFA is a botanical reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon that works in the conservation and restoration of rainforest habitat, with a particular emphasis on orchids and insects. Volunteers can help to maintain an inventory of the orchids and pollinators in the reserve, develop education programs for the visitor centre and, in conjunction with local schools, coordinate reforestation programs with neighbouring communities.
  Visit site
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CRACYP Ecuador 
CRACYP (which stands for Rural Forestation and Progress Network Corporation, in Spanish) is a non profit organization facilitating reforestation and sustainable rural development in an agricultural area of extreme poverty including over 200 communities in the foothills of the Western Andes in Ecuador.   Visit site
More about: Ecuador  MDG 7
Umpalazi (South Africa) 
A community and wildlife project that incorporates local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring. Umpalazi also provides sanctuary for other displaced animals.  Visit site
More about: South Africa  MDG 7
Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation (CFTC) 
The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation (CFTC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical ecosystems that works with local people to protect natural resources and develop sustainable ways of living. Volunteer opportunities are offered for those wishing to make lasting contributions to its projects.  Visit site
More about: Ecuador

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