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Environment - Related links
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Organization in Viet Nam whose goal is to set up international voluntary projects to develop community and conservation of natural environment, to exchange,  explore cultures, to broaden experiences and to improve skills between Vietnamese volunteers and international volunteers.  Visit site
More about: Viet Nam  MDG 7
Nataté Voluntariado Internacional A.C. 
Mexican voluntary service organization based in San Cristobal de las Casas.
The organization proposes short and long term voluntary service placements around the themes of ecology, water and forest management and minority empowerment. (In English and Spanish).  Visit site
More about: Mexico  MDG 7
There's no rest on planetary duty 
Paul Watson, an 'eco-warrior', and his volunteer crew fight back against those who despoil the seas. One of the founders of Greenpeace, Watson has commanded more than 200 voyages aimed at stopping Antarctic and Arctic whaling, illegal long-line fishing in the Pacific, the killing of seals in Canada and, more recently, poaching and shark-finning in Galapagos.  Visit site
Kids get day off from school to clean in Turkey 

The Turkish Ministry of Education asked all schools to substitute a day of class with cleaning up the environment in an effort to raise the students' awareness of environmental protection to mark World Environment Day, 5 June.   Visit site
More about: Turkey
Het Andere Reizen 
A Dutch organization specialized in sending volunteers to Latin America and Africa. Its main goal is to work on sustainable tourism and have volunteers participate together with the local community. (in Dutch).  Visit site
Expert: 'Volunteerism critical to keeping ocean clean' 
A marine litter researcher has lauded the efforts of volunteers in bringing about legislative change to protect the marine environment.  Visit site
Sumatran Orangutan Society 
International branches need enthusiastic, dedicated people to help spread awareness and raise funds. It is not able to offer any hands-on opportunities with orangutans.  Visit site
More about: Indonesia
Working for 
EUROPARC Federation, the umbrella organization of Europe's protected areas, places young professional interns to work in a variety national and nature parks, biosphere reserves and other protected areas.  Visit site
World to Peace Corps: Skilled volunteers needed 
If the Peace Corps wishes to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS, it needs to send expertise, not just youthful zeal. That was what Ethiopian officials politely told Peace Corps country director Peter Parr when he approached them last summer with a proposal to send a batch of volunteers to work on the pandemic.  Visit site
More about: HIV/AIDS  MDG 6  Policy
See the difference you can make: Join Earth Hour! 
It started with a question: How can we inspire people to take action on climate change?

The answer: Ask the people of Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour.

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour. If the greenhouse reduction achieved in the Sydney CBD during Earth Hour was sustained for a year, it would be equivalent to taking 48,616 cars off the road for a year.

With Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House turning their lights off, and unique events such as weddings by candlelight, the world took notice. Inspired by the collective effort of millions of Sydneysiders, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour at 8pm on March 29 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement.   Visit site
More about: Activism  MDG 7

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