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Cleaning up in Kapoeta
13 February 2009

Kapoeta, Sudan: This was the day when International Volunteer Day was celebrated in Kapoeta town, Kapoeta South County of Eastern Equatoria State (EES). It was also the first time the Day had been celebrated in the history of Kapoeta.

Kapoeta Development Initiative (KDI) led in the planning, preparation and celebration of the days with substantial input from UNV volunteer Rajendra Gupta’s activities which included 'Clean Kapoeta', an activity that was meant to advocate free service delivery, the promotion of hygiene and sanitation and public awareness on the same.

The partners that worked hard in participation and contribution included: the local communities, Government, primary schools, UNV, WFP Kapoeta, SNV Kapoeta, the Carter Centre, Pact-Sudan, AAR-Japan, Med-air, LRDA and UNHCR

It’s of importance to acknowledge the full participation of these partners in the cleaning campaign. The key partners in their organizations participated in the exercise, which showed real support and the aspiration to be role models. The full participation of the Government in this voluntary exercise was based on the fact that it will be the Government that organizes the International Volunteer Day celebration for next year, on 5 December 2009.

The Kapoeta South County Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Task force played a key role in planning for the campaign. The IVD celebration always featured as an agenda in their meetings. Invitation letters were written to all stakeholders on the celebration, a week earlier.

On the afternoon of 4 December 2008, KDI carried out a mobilization all around Kapoeta town, together with volunteers from Government and the Carter Centre. The intention was to pass information to the entire Kapoeta Community.

On 5 December 2008, all the interested persons assembled at the Commissioner's Office ready to start the mission. The local community had been advised not to join in the Kapoeta main road clearing but to clean their homesteads. The campaign started at 10.20am led by the Commissioner and Executive Director (Kapoeta South County).

The local community cleaned their homes and compounds while UNV met the cost of T-Shirts, buckets, soap, brooms, drinking water etc. The Commissioners’ Office provided  a lorry to transport garbage with himself and the Executive Director participating in the cleaning campaign accompanied by their staff.

The Carter Centre provided sodas, gloves, loud speakers for mobilization and a land cruiser for mobilization and transporting garbage to dumping site. UNV volunteer Rajendra Gupta, linked KDI to UNV Khartoum and Juba for UNV input.   Staff from all the other partners played a part too.