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06 August 2006  - 19 August 2006
Preserving heritage varieties and endangered species in the Kootenays
British Columbia, Canada
This project aims to involve international volunteers in environmental gardening projects connected to food security and preserving endangered and heritage varieties.

The project for increasing local food security links homeowners who are unable to harvest their fruit trees with community members who can use their fruit. The harvested fruit is shared with non-profit community organizations that distribute fruit to people with low incomes. Some of the volunteers’ activities will be related to preserving heritage varieties of vegetables and fruit. Heritage varieties have been grown by humans over many generations but are now very rare since modern agriculture has selected only a handful of food crops to grow and today 75% of the vegetable and fruit varieties in North America are endangered.

Volunteers will work on different gardening projects. They will help harvest medicinal herbs, cull a garden, save and dry seeds, pick local fruit, dry fruits and herbs, harvest vegetables and coordinate seed saving of heritage varieties and medicinal plants.

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Organizer: Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP)
Kootenay Lake, British Columbia