05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Syria - IVD events

This year a number of UN agencies and NGOs in Syria are promoting volunteerism for environmental awareness (MDG 7) through organizing an Environmental Campaign focusing on canvas bags as an alternative to plastic bags.

The campaign is taking place in Lattakia and Damascus, incl. UNRWA Yarmouk camp. In each city, we are going to clean up selected areas for plastic and other waste, distribute canvas bags, flyers and booklets to raise environmental awareness, and organize children to paint their own canvas bag within the concept of “Learning How To Play”. NGOs will also be invited to display their activities to the children and visitors.

Please see the IVD campaign locations and program for the Damascus event below:

Clean-up of plastic and other waste
Selected areas of Damascus
8.30 Pick up at al-Fayha by busses
11.00 Cleaning finishes. Breakfast at al-Fayha for the volunteers
Children painting their own canvas bag

Environmental awareness raising to children                        
10.30 Official Opening of IVD for partner organizations and sponsors (by invitation only)
12-18.00 Children are invited to participate in activities organized by the volunteers and NGOs
19.00 Celebration reception for the volunteers only
Distribution of canvas bags

Environmental awareness through flyers, booklets and documentation show
Cham City Center + Grandmart supermarket
13.00 Distribute canvas bags in the Supermarket, and raise environmental awareness from IVD stand
16.00 Shops open. Distribute flyers and booklets on all floors of the City Center

We are mobilizing 500 volunteers and 500 children in each city + 150 children in Yarmouk camp through our implementing partners; Red Crescent, The Scouts/Youth Union and UNRWA. We need a lot of volunteers, and you are invited to sign up for any volunteer activity you wish to participate in by following the instructions below.

a.    We need volunteers who have knowledge and experience about the environment to volunteer in the Cham city center activity, from 13-19.00 – please contact Signe (0988805745 or signe.ejerskov@undp.org)

b.    We need volunteers who have knowledge and experience working with children to volunteer in the Children’s activity in al-Fayha, from 12-18.00 – please contact Signe (0988805745 or signe.ejerskov@undp.org)

c.    We need volunteers with no particular experience other than the volunteer spirit to volunteer in the cleaning activity, from 8.30-11.00 – please contact Red Crescent on the phone numbers in the flyer

We especially need volunteers for the cleaning activity. Yes, we know it’s early on a Friday morning, but it’s only a couple of hours, and you show your support to the volunteer cause by signing up. If you have environmental or working with children experience, please (also) sign up for the other activities.

There will be a final briefing on Tuesday evening from 19-21.00 for the new volunteers signing up with the children and Cham City Center activities, and we need to know the number of volunteers before this date and time. For the cleaning volunteers there is no deadline other than register with Red Crescent before Friday morning.

Even if you don’t sign up to become a volunteer, you are most welcome to visit our activities on the day. Canvas bags are distributed for free in the supermarket to customers who buy for a certain amount.

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