Colombian Wayuu Indian students release turtles at Colombia's Camarones beach on World Environment Day, 5 June 2006. (Courtesy: Reuters/Kena Betancur)
Environmental issues are never simple to explain - climate change, desertification, renewable energy, the ecosystem, etc. But solving these complex issues depends on an important factor: You. Get involved. Volunteer to become active agents of change. Help communities understand that their attitudes towards environmental issues are crucial in reversing global warming. Become an advocate. Empower people to become active in achieving environmental sustainability.

In this section we are presenting the contributions volunteers are making to protect the environment. It does not matter if it's collecting garbage for a day on Syria's beaches, monitoring weather satellites in Hawaii or tracking tsunami donations for Southeast Asian countries -- there's no big or small work in achieving sustainable environment. Every volunteer work counts. 

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20 December 2011
La journée du volontariat au Togo 
Marche en faveur du volontariat au Togo au cours des festivités de la Journée internationale des Volontaires en 2011. (Programme VNU)
Lomé, Togo:
Le Togo reconnaît la valeur de l'engagement volontaire pour le développement lors des festivités de la Journée internationale des Volontaires.
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22 July 2011
Sustainable Societies, Responsive Citizens 
Commit. Encourage. Volunteer.

That’s the tagline for the world’s biggest annual conference for the NGO community, which in 2011 fits right in with the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.  Read article
03 June 2011
Editorial: Taking root, bearing fruit by Jingqi Liu
Tonle Sap, Cambodia: National UN Volunteer Leng Lay is an Assistant to the NSLS (National Sustainable Livelihood Specialist). The Tonle Sap biosphere covers over 30,000 hectares and provides refuge for some 200 different plant and fish species, along with 42 different reptile species and 15 mammal species. The UN Volunteers train people to conserve and sustainably manage biodiversity and natural resources, meaning that they have to live and learn how life works in the floating villages too. The project runs in partnership with UNDP-GEF and the Government of Japan. (Peter Harris / United Nations Volunteers, 2008)
Bonn, Germany: During the past decade, the seeds of volunteerism have germinated and spread.

Without doubt, if volunteerism takes root, it will bear fruit throughout the future of our planet.

World Environment Day, 5 June 2011

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19 May 2010
UNV volunteer shoots '8 Goals for Africa' 
Accompanied by a music video, ‘8 Goals for Africa’ is being disseminated free of charge locally and internationally, before, during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The performing artists will also make special appearances during the soccer tournament, promoting the MDGs and calling for action. 
The music video will be screened throughout the World Cup, across all the fan parks and public viewing areas. On the day of the finals, all eight artists will come together to sing the song in a live performance at the Soccer City Fan Fest in Johannesburg. The video will also be distributed to the international media. (UNIC South Africa/'8 Goals for the MDGs')
Pretoria, South Africa: A UNV volunteer has brought together Africa's top musicians for a high-profile campaign connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Read article
15 March 2010
Ramassage des déchets plastiques pendant la JIV au Togo 
La Journée Internationale des Volontaires au Togo s’est tenue à Lomé, mais aussi dans la région Maritime, la région Centrale et la région de Savanes. Rien qu’à Lomé, plus de 125 volontaires se sont engagés pour la protection de l’environnement à quelques jours du sommet de Copenhague. (Programme VNU)
Lomé, Togo: Ils ont été nombreux à se déplacer à Lomé au Togo, afin de montrer l’importance qu’ils accordent au volontariat, tous unis pour ces valeurs d’engagement et de protection de l’environnement.  Read article
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