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Gender - Related links
Women refugees - from volunteers to employees 
This reseach, conducted by Working Lives Research Institute and the London Metropolitan University, supports the view that volunteering can assist refugee women

in finding employment, as well as providing important benefits to women who

are not able to undertake paid employment. It also highlights the breadth and depth

of voluntary activities in which refugee women are involved, and the research

report documents the experiences of refugee women as volunteers in a wide

range of organisations and activities.

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Volunteer in Nepal 
The mission of Volunteer Nepal National Group is to mobilize and sensitize women and youth on the issues affecting them and how to utilize the resources available in order to promote and support sustainable self-help projects focusing on advancement of women and youth initiatives, income generating activities, human development and environmental conservation efforts. We provides volunteer service opportunities for people who are genuinely interested in learning about a new and different community and culture while contributing their time and skills to benefit worthwhile community service throughout Nepal.  Visit site
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Swat Youth Front 
Swat Youth Front (SYF) Swat is a Non-Governmental, non-political and no ethnic organization. It is working for the socio-economic development of the inhabitants of district Swat. SYF was established in 1997 and registered in the year 1999 under the social welfare and volunteer and NGOs registration & Control Act 1961. The main purpose of SYF is to bring changes in policies with the help of the locals that can lead them towards the prosperous life. The NGO took initiative for gender development in March 1999 for the first time.  Visit site
Men and Women Volunteering: Gender Differences in the Effects of Employment and Family Characteristics  
The study reveals that there is a statistically significant difference in the way employment status affects men's and women's volunteering behavior.   Visit site
Mujeres y Voluntariado: Facetas de una Relación Histórica 
Gloria Bonder, Directora del Programa Regional de Formación en Género y Políticas Públicas (PRIGEPP), analiza el contexto histórico del voluntariado con el propósito de descubrir porque las mujeres tienden a participar más que los hombres en programas de voluntariado.  Visit site
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Act Now! A Resource Guide for Young Women on HIV/AIDS 
This booklet, based on a three-week e-mail discussion on Young Women and HIV/AIDS, is targeted at young women who are leaders in their communities. It provides an overview of the online discussions, highlights and profiles young women's leadership in HIV/AIDS, and provides useful activities for those who want to start campaigns to raise awareness and decrease stigma in their communities.  Visit site
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With an End in Sight 
"With an End in Sight" shows how groups of people, young and old, women and men are forging ahead and creating new ideas to combat violence against women. The stories compiled in this book represent the extraordinary efforts that create the vast energy for change. It presents lessons and good practices that can be used as a knowledge tool, to be used worldwide.  Visit site

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