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22 January 2009
New MDG cartoons for Kosovo 
Pristina, Kosovo: For IVD, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme team in Kosovo commissioned a local artist to come up with a new spin on the Millennium Development Goals.  Read article
09 January 2009
Democracy and volunteerism: A viewpoint 
A volunteer in Botswana explains why they think democracy and volunteerism are fundamental components of the United Nations system and the development of humankind.   Read article
03 December 2007
Exploring volunteers' role in Kyrgyzstan's development 
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: The UN Volunteers programme, in partnership with a wide range of national and international volunteer involving organizations, is organizing a "V-Forum" to discuss and develop recommendations on the current and future role of volunteers in the development of the Kyrgyz Republic.  Read article
More about: Kyrgyzstan  Infrastructure
20 December 2006
UN Volunteers bring experience to Kosovo by Hanna Snarberg, UNV volunteer and Public Information Officer for UNMIK
Pristina, Serbia: UN Volunteers participation in UNMIK dates back to the beginning of the mission in June 1999 when some 200 UN Volunteers supported the mission in humanitarian work, organizing food deliveries, providing medical care and setting up temporary shelter for thousands of refugees returning to Kosovo.   Read article
09 September 2005
Annan says global development goals can be achieved through local action 
New York, USA: United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today stressed that cities and local authorities have a critical role to play in global progress in education, hunger, health, water, sanitation, gender equality and other areas of the development agenda to be discussed at next week's World Summit.  Read article