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Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children 
FIMRC hosts short and long term volunteers to clinic sites in Haiti, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Peru and El Salvador. Volunteers spend half their time in the clinic helping with medical tasks and the other half out in the community interacting with families and teaching health lessons to children.   Visit site
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Sosva Training and Promotion Institute 
The vision of STAPI is to strengthen the voluntary sector by promoting new and existing voluntary organizations and by improving and expanding their activities for the development and management of the voluntary sector through the inculcation of professionalism through research, training and consultancy.   Visit site
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One Nurse at a Time 
An organization with the mission to promote nursing endeavors locally, nationally and internationally and to increase public awareness of the value and impact of humanitarian nursing. Includes a database of organizations that utilize volunteer nurses.   Visit site
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Child Family Health International 
Child Family Health International (CFHI) builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services for underserved communities worldwide. CFHI conducts international health, service-learning programs for medical, pre-medical and other health students. Each year, by sending students to work and study with our international partners, we provide health services for families and children around the world.   Visit site
American Academy of Paediatrics 
The American Academy of Paediatrics - an organization of 60,000 paediatricians - maintains an online database of more than 100 groups that need paediatricians for both short- and long-term, paid and voluntary service abroad. The database is searchable by country.  Visit site
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International Center for Equal Healthcare Access 
The International Center for Equal Healthcare Access (ICEHA) is a non-profit organization of healthcare professionals who volunteer to transfer their expertise on HIV care and infectious diseases to clinics in developing countries.   Visit site
International Medical Volunteers Association (IMVA)  
The International Medical Volunteers Association (IMVA) promotes, facilitates, and supports voluntary medical activity through education and information exchange. It works with a wide range of health care volunteers, providing information about volunteer opportunities and offer practical advice on how to find and choose compatible assignments.  Visit site
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US Doctors For Africa 
US Doctors For Africa promotes the flow of volunteer physicians, nurses and other medical professionals to Africa to provide capacity building and direct medical services to populations ravaged by disease, malnutrition and inadequate medical care.   Visit site
Volunteer for Health (VFH) programme, Washington University School of Medicine 
The Volunteer for Health (VFH) programme, sponsored by Washington University School of Medicine, offers individuals the opportunity to support patient-oriented research at Washington University Medical Center. The overall purpose of VFH is to match interested volunteers with current clinical trials at the medical school.  Visit site
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Volunteers in Health Care (VIH) 
Volunteers in Health Care (VIH) seeks to identify organizations across the United States that use clinical volunteers; provide technical assistance and small grants to such organizations; link organizations with each other, creating a communication and resource network; and inform public policy.  Visit site
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