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Health - Related links
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International Health Volunteers Organization (IHVO) 
The International Health Volunteers Organization (IHVO) is an independent, not for profit humanitarian medical service organization whose primary goal is to encourage, engage, and assist medical personnel who wish to volunteer their skills with international health care projects.   Visit site
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Veterans health volunteer internet portal pilot 
Volunteer.Gov, the New York Veterans Volunteer Health Internet Pilot Portal will build a new model for inclusion and high-quality community healthcare for a portion of "at risk" and homeless veterans in the USA. It will also demonstrate a new model for taking healthcare out of large city hospitals to the community.   Visit site
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Polio eradication: Now more than ever, stop polio forever 
After a 15-year effort that has galvanized more than 200 countries, 20 million volunteers, and an international investment of US$3 billion, the success or failure of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the world’s largest public health campaign, is now within reach. Never before has the world been so close to success, with only six countries remaining polio-endemic.  Visit site
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Volunteering in UK's health and social care 
UK's National Volunteering Centre provides a list of hospitals and other volunteer-involving organizations for those interested in volunteering to improve health. Volunteer opportunities range from giving first aid training, assisting surgeries to providing meals to homeless and delivering food to old people. Other resources include good practice tips for volunteers and their administrators, facts and figures, and case studies.  Visit site
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Health volunteering with i-to-i 
Are you hoping to get experience in health and medicine? Are you a medical student? Are you a practising doctor? i-to-i, which provides overseas volunteering opportunities to travelers from around the world, has volunteer health and medicine placements to satisfy your needs and specialisations.  Visit site
American Dental Association (ADA) 
The volunteer programme of the American Dental Association (ADA) seeks volunteers to provide continuing education to general dentists in Port-au-Prince and Cape Haitien in basic sciences, radiology, diagnosis and treatment planning, oral surgery and various dental treatments. ADA is also looking for volunteers to Moldova, Nicaragua and St. Lucia.  Visit site
Health Volunteer Overseas (HVO) 
Health Volunteer Overseas provides opportunities for professional medical persons to train local health care providers, giving them the knowledge and skills that will make difference in their own communities. Volunteers lecture, conduct ward rounds and demonstrate various techniques in classrooms, clinics and operating rooms. They may also be involved in teacher training, curriculum development, and mentoring of students.   Visit site
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An Italian registered  non-profit organization providing free support to health professionals, families, volunteers and institutions in developing countries caring for children with leukemia, cancer and other severe diseases in compliance with shared principles and vision. The services offered will be pertinent to local realities and social values. It is working on a project to support a Thalassemia bone marrow transplant network and family support program (volunteer based program) in Pakistan .  Visit site
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