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HIV/AIDS - Related links
Progressive Volunteers (PV) 
Progressive Volunteers (PV) is a community based organization focused on strengthening a wide and comitted volunteering network in Kenya. PV is contributing to social and economic development throughout the country by organizing volunteers and by promoting community development initiatives.   Visit site
Volunteers Placement Community Development Africa (VPCDA) - Kenya 
Based in Nairobi , Kenya, this NGO offers volunteer opportunities in community programmes in fields such as HIV /AIDS orphanages and teaching projects.  Visit site
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KACCAD (Uganda) 
Since its inception KACCAD's goal has been to create awareness and development projects to raise the standard of living of underprivileged people in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts of Uganda. KACCAD is especially committed to empowering orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), women, people from child-headed households, women headed households, people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and those with disabilities.   Visit site
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A Global Health Corps: A win-win proposition? 
Center for Global Development senior fellow Mead Over thinks there's more that Americans can do overseas. Modelled on the Peace Corps, the Global Health Corps would provide young American doctors and nurses to help strengthen weak health systems.  Visit site
Family Rescue Foundation 
A Christian organization in Masaka District and surrounding areas of Uganda. The orphanage currently accommodates 35 Children affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS and seeks volunteer teachers.  Visit site
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World to Peace Corps: Skilled volunteers needed 
If the Peace Corps wishes to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS, it needs to send expertise, not just youthful zeal. That was what Ethiopian officials politely told Peace Corps country director Peter Parr when he approached them last summer with a proposal to send a batch of volunteers to work on the pandemic.  Visit site
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Act Now! A Resource Guide for Young Women on HIV/AIDS 
This booklet, based on a three-week e-mail discussion on Young Women and HIV/AIDS, is targeted at young women who are leaders in their communities. It provides an overview of the online discussions, highlights and profiles young women's leadership in HIV/AIDS, and provides useful activities for those who want to start campaigns to raise awareness and decrease stigma in their communities.  Visit site
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