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01 August 2015
Country Overview: UN Volunteers in Lesotho 
Since 1972, the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) in Lesotho has been active in a number of areas, including agriculture, community and rural development, infrastructure development, health care and employment creation.   Read article
More about: Lesotho  Poverty
11 February 2009
Volunteers promote careers in computers by Chioma Enemchukwu
The ICT training takes place at the Senior State Secondary school for the hearing and hearing impaired in Surulere, Lagos. (UNV)
Lagos, Nigeria: International Volunteer Day was marked by a one-day seminar with the Senior State Secondary school for the hearing and hearing impaired in Surulere, Lagos. About 200 students attended.  Read article
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01 December 2008
Elargir le champ d’action des volontaires en ligne 
Le service Volontariat en Ligne du programme VNU ( permet à toute personne ayant les connaissances techniques nécessaires et un accès à Internet de collaborer comme volontaire pour le développement. (programme VNU)
Bonn, Allemagne: À l’occasion de la Journée internationale des Volontaires 2008, le programme des Volontaires des Nations Unies (VNU) a lancé une nouvelle version du site Web de son service Volontariat en Ligne. Ce nouveau site Web multilingue permet aux organisations de mobiliser des volontaires encore plus facilement.  Read article
Other languages: in English  en español  
01 December 2008
"Une ressource puissante": les volontaires unis le 5 décembre 
Les célébrations de la Journée Internationale des Volontaires 2008 dans la localité de Gonaïves en Haïti porteront sur le thème: 'Protection de l'environnement et gestion et préparation face aux désastres'. (M. Rizzolio/programme VNU)
Bonn, Allemagne: Volontaires et organisations de volontaires à travers le monde s’apprêtent à célébrer le 5 décembre la Journée internationale des Volontaires, une opportunité de reconnaître la contribution du volontariat à la paix et au développement.

  Read article
More about: Civil society
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01 December 2008
Ampliar el alcance del voluntariado en línea 
El servicio Voluntariado en Línea del programa VNU ( permite a cualquier persona con los conocimientos técnicos pertinentes y con acceso a Internet colaborar como voluntario para el desarrollo. (programa VNU)
Bonn, Alemania: En el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios de 2008, el programa VNU presenta una nueva versión rediseñada del sitio Web de su servicio Voluntariado en Línea. La nueva Web multilingüe permite a las organizaciones ponerse en contacto con los voluntarios en español y en francés, además de en inglés.

  Read article
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Crisis Camp Haiti: Techno-types volunteer their computer skills to aid quake victims 
Thomas and about 45 other self-described "techies and geo-geeks" and other volunteers met at USC to collaborate on ways to use computers to design improved maps of battered Port-au-Prince neighborhoods, concoct better family-locater services for quake victims and speed more accurate and timely relief information from more closely coordinated data feeds   Visit site
Web Design Volunteers 
Encourages web designers to volunteer their web design services to non-profits.  Visit site
E-volunteers: We have the technology 
Virtual volunteerism, the catchy name for volunteering done online, is all about technology. It is not new, but it is evolving, right along with increasingly sophisticated web and teleconferencing tools. Thanks to the Internet, virtual volunteers can design, consult, teach, mentor, keep the books and provide one-on-one support from just about any computer terminal in any location and they can do so at times that accommodate their individual schedules.  Visit site

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10 December 2007, 17:15
Bulgaria: New website launched on IVD is devoted to volunteers 
On IVD, 5. December ZAEDNO - Communication for Support and Development Foundation, Bulgaria will announce and start a new website devoted to volunteers.   Read entry

Notebook, skype, webcam and speakers: the equipment for virtual school volunteering.
22 February 2007, 16:55
The Future Wave of School Volunteerism: Be the Textbook 
One teacher in the United States blogs about her visions of getting corporate execs and experts in their fields to be “virtual volunteers” by using what is slowly becoming everyday computer technology.  Read entry