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Google's 10 to the 100 - vote for volunteerism 
To celebrate its 10th birthday, internet giant Google has launched the US$ 10 million Project 10 to the 100, "a call for ideas that could help as many people as possible, and a programme to bring the best of those ideas to life."

Voting begins in January 2009, but for now check out one of the entries, an idea for a free website "in which volunteer organizations, volunteer project coordinators, and would-be volunteers can gather to find, connect and help each other."

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E-volunteers: We have the technology 
Virtual volunteerism, the catchy name for volunteering done online, is all about technology. It is not new, but it is evolving, right along with increasingly sophisticated web and teleconferencing tools. Thanks to the Internet, virtual volunteers can design, consult, teach, mentor, keep the books and provide one-on-one support from just about any computer terminal in any location and they can do so at times that accommodate their individual schedules.  Visit site
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IT4Communities (UK) 
A charity supporting IT volunteering in the UK, funded by the charitable arm of the Information Technologists' Company and by corporate sponsorship. Supports a large network of IT professional volunteers throughout the UK and, occasionally, overseas. Since inception in 2002 its volunteers have delivered over £2.5 million worth of support to charities and voluntary sector organizations in the UK.  Visit site
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Worldwide Helpers 
Worldwide Helpers puts people from all walks of life three clicks away from finding an inspiring cause to donate their time - at no or minimal costs. It aims to eliminate the middleman and create a transparent platform to bring together individuals seeking to volunteer with communities in need.  Visit site
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Wildlife Direct 
WildlifeDirect is set up to transfer donated funds from all around the world, quickly and efficiently, to where they are intended in their entirety - net only of bank fees. To do this it is separately registered as charities in the US, UK and in Kenya, and its commitment to conservationists and donors is total transparency. Online volunteer bloggers are required to help out.  Visit site
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Virtual volunteers, real results 
A new army of "virtual volunteers" is helping charities reach out to young people to offer advice or persuade others to give their time in a more practical way, writes Sara Gaines. Volunteers give their services online in what one charity says is an exciting way forward for organisations that can struggle to find enough people with time to commit.  Visit site
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A volunteer-organization matching programme non-profit organizations are matched with web design volunteers. also provides free web hosting, domain names, etc.   Visit site 
The aim of the site is to allow people to anonymously type and openly discuss their life's dreams and ambitions. After they type in their dream, it gets sent to a volunteer who will support and encourage them to go accomplish that dream. This will not only give the user motivation and confidence through the support they are receiving, but it will also allow them to find exactly what they want to do with their life through the writing process.  Visit site
One Nurse at a Time 
An organization with the mission to promote nursing endeavors locally, nationally and internationally and to increase public awareness of the value and impact of humanitarian nursing. Includes a database of organizations that utilize volunteer nurses.   Visit site
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How to use AV testimonials in your online volunteer recruitment strategy 
Randy Tyler gives some tips on how audio or video messages can help non-profit organizations recruit online volunteers.  Visit site

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