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Poverty - Related links
D Foundation (India) 
D-Foundation is a grassroots community development NGO in Sarnath, Varanasi, India. It works to help the poor and destitute become self-sufficient through developing human resources – training, education, jobs, livelihoods and direct support.   Visit site
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Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) 
Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) os a non-government, non-profit development organization, focusing its activities on the progress of disadvantaged, marginaliyed and poorly educated people in Nepal. By organizing local resources, VAID NEPAL functions as facilitator for sustainable development.  Visit site
Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) 
The Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making organization in Ghana, aiming to foster cross-cultural understanding to help the helpless and needy in society. Teams of young men and women work for OGVO in both rural and urban Ghana.   Visit site
More about: Ghana  HIV/AIDS  Health
Push International 
Push International is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide mobility and facilitate sustainable development in the disabled community inside the countries where the organization works. Push International desires to give wheelchairs to people with disabilities who are the poorest of the poor. Furthermore, it hosts wheelchair maneuvering skills clinics, teaches personal care skills, education, job skills and sports.  Visit site
A week in Uganda for ex-BBC director 
Former Director General for the BBC Greg Dyke recently spent a week in Uganda with VSO staff and his partner Sue Howes, who volunteered there with VSO back in 1968. In his colourful diary Greg vividly describes the excitement of returning to the school Sue volunteered in over 40 years ago and the many challenges children in Uganda are overcoming today.  Visit site
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Artists striving to end poverty 
Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) uses the arts as a tool to empower young people with creativity, knowledge, and a strong sense of self-esteem, factors which help them advance their lives and communities. ASTEP provides artists with opportunities to connect with global youths, allowing them to use their gifts to create meaningful and effective change for young people in need.  Visit site
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“Un Techo para mi País” moviliza a miles de voluntarios en Argentina 
La organización “Un Techo para mi País” trabaja con miles de voluntarios en la construcción de viviendas de emergencia y en la ejecución de planes de habilitación social. El voluntariado de la organización está compuesto principalmente por estudiantes universitarios, que desde sus profesiones o estudios pueden aportar a la organización a través de equipos de trabajo interdisciplinarios.  Visit site
Volunteer for the Visayans 
This Philippine-based non-profit organization places foreign volunteers in community projects and raise funds for numerous educational and poverty projects. Currently, the organization is working with the City Social Welfare Office n constructing a house for street children.   Visit site
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