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Nigeria case studies
05 April 2004

Host Institution UNDP Nigeria

Read the country report
First part (PDF 717 KB)
Second part (PDF 1105 KB)

Case Studies

Alternative Trade Network of Nigeria Case Study (PDF 373 KB)
The case study shows how Alternative Trade Network of Nigeria explores how volunteerism can be contextualized in pro-poor initiatives by non-profit organizations on the basis of their deep concern for community causes.

Anpez Case Study (PDF 320 KB)
The case study presents the dynamism between NGO and private sector partnerships in delivering services to the public.

ChevronTexaco Case Study (PDF 252 KB)
The BCR experience of ChevronTexaco Nigeria Limited (CNL) examines the company’s community engagement and how it affects its relationship with host communities, focusing on few development initiatives and a dialogue involving the company and its group of eight host communities in the Olero Creek of Escravos, Niger Delta region in 2002.

Citizen’s Bank Case Study (PDF 309 KB)
The case shows the BCR practices of Citizens Bank, their focus on its volunteer / philanthropic initiative and indicate how companies could promote social causes and enhance their reputation at little or no additional costs to their overhead.

Fate Foundation Case Study (PDF 284 KB)
This case study examines FATE Foundation's complementary approaches to poverty and unemployment targeted at the youth in support of Government efforts and may also provide a basis for the redress of youth unrest.

GTZ Case Study (PDF 303 KB)
This case study examines GTZ and the delivery of development assistance in the Niger Delta.

Iloko-Ijesha Case Study (PDF 315 KB)
The case study reviews the collaborative business-community relations efforts of three organizations making efforts towards empowering local community members through various development schemes.

Schlumberger Case Study (PDF 341 KB)
The BCR case study of Schlumberger examines typical efforts by the private sector that represents support to Government’s agenda towards increasing local content in the oil industry.  

Sir David Osunde Foundation Case Study (PDF 283 KB)
This case study explores the possibility of employing volunteerism as a framework for poverty intervention amongst neglected vulnerable groups in Nigerian and use as the basis of the Local Plan of Action for Disabilities in the country.