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Children refugees help volunteers come together in Ukraine
16 December 2005, 13:55
by Yana Salakhova

A party was organized for children refugees in Kyiv integration centre for refugees on 10 December, with the joint efforts of the volunteers of UNHCR and International Relief and Friendship Foundation in affiliation with Service For Peace and students of Kyiv universities. The UN Volunteers programme also supported this initiative.
The aim was to provide social adaptation of children refugees, develop a tolerant attitude among Ukrainian children and also raise awareness about the life of the refugees and homeless people in Ukraine.   

The programme was really exciting: lively games, contests on attentiveness and smartness and also puppet show, which didn’t leave anyone without a smile. And the initial shyness and fear of the children had quickly disappeared. The volunteers found new friends among the kids and after the programme was over, everybody promised to come together again.   

The event, organized on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, brought together not only people of different nationalities and cultures but also gave volunteers an opportunity to realize their own potential and to plan other activities in cooperation. Thus the children refugees helped to bring volunteers of several organizations closer for future cooperation.

Yana Salakhova,
SFP youth ccodinator in Ukraine