08 August 2006  - 08 September 2006
International Voluntary Workcamp 2006
Dunkwa-on-Offin, Ghana
Welcome to GHANA and KRAMOKROM

From its spectacular scenery to its vibrant cities and hospitality, Ghana offers a wealth of opportunity to its visitors. Ghana is regarded as the most popular place for independent travel in West Africa, its good transport links and central location making it an excellent starting point for longer travel.  

This is the first International Volunteers Work Camp 2006 which will be hosted by Young Peace Brigades, an International Voluntary Organization with representatives in over 10 countries; as part of its 2 year anniversary.  

The organization is bringing together social activist, volunteers and youth all over the world to experience, learn and undertake projects, campaigns and share ideas on topical global issues that is affecting our world today. The WorkCamp2006 is also to give something to the people and most importantly a helping hand.

Cultures and languages from all over Ghana thrive in Kramokrom, one of the most multicultural communities in the middle of a rainforest in the central region with its beauty lost to the people of Ghana and the outside world. Making it the ideal host for the diversity and dynamism of WorkCamp2006.  

Kramokrom - found in the Upper Denkyira District of the Central Region in Ghana, is commonly referred to by volunteers of Young Peace Brigades International as "Peace Within", Kramokrom is known for its natural presence and beautiful forest. A trip to Kramokrom wouldn't be complete without a tour of the rainforest.  

Action Projects: The Action Projects for WorkCamp2006 are intended to facilitate the participation of individuals, groups and communities in the Workcamp2006 from countries around the world. Broader participation of individuals representing a wide spectrum of experience will enrich the learning and empowerment potential of WorkCamp2006. Action Projects will support the accessibility and inclusion of marginalized or vulnerable communities throughout the WorkCamp2006 including workcamp planning and development. Building on communications activities and products, action projects will involve target groups and communities in developing and implementation specific projects and activities.  

Follow the developments in the planning of the action programme, and add your ideas at actionprojects_workcamp2006@yahoo.com                            

Global Village: The Global Village will serve as an international gathering place with displays of culture, food, community, theatre, and a marketplace. The Global Village, open both to delegates and general public, will provide learning and interactive open spaces to share experiences of the diverse communities affected by and responding to poverty, including education, HIV/AIDS, Water and Sanitation and creative arts. Free exhibition space for NGOs and grassroots organizations will also be hosted in the global village.      

Organizer: Young Peace Brigades
Imbraim-Kramokrom Upper Kenkyira, Central region

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