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05 December 2005 
IVD 2005 Arts and Music Festival
Theme for UYFI/IVD2005: " A Collective Volunteer Pledge for Needy Children", by United Youth Front International, to mark the United Nations International volunteer day on December 5, 2005 in Nigeria.

The UYFI/IVD2005 Festival, offers an excellent opportunity for many young musicians who are looking to make a difference on a local, state, national and global scales; to showcase their talents to potential sponsors and establish themselves. 

The festival, seen by many as the largest co-ordinated effort to help combat child abuse, neglect and trafficking, wishes to demonstrate that musicians and artists should be a part of any collective affort aimed at community based child abuse intervention and prevention activities in Nigeria.

Organizer: United Youth Front International
Millennium Park, Abuja
US$100/other fationalities N1000/Nigerians