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Corporate volunteering
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13 November 2015
UN Resolution 70/129: Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the plan of action for the next decade and beyond 
New York, USA: The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution on "Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the plan of action for the next decade and beyond", co-facilitated by Brazil and Japan and co-sponsored by 100 Member States.  Read article
05 December 2008
Mining a seam of volunteerism by Libby Archell, Alcoa
Pittsburgh, USA: Alcoa CEO and President Klaus Kleinfeld congratulated the record number of 22,000 Alcoa employees who came together in almost 700 separate service events as part of the company’s Worldwide Month of Service.  Read article
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05 December 2008
Intel to reach a million volunteer hours on IVD by Allison Kubota, Intel
Intel employees volunteered more than 400 hours at the Brigham Hill Farm. (Intel)
Santa Clara, CA, USA: Despite challenging economic times and cut backs, many global corporations are still committed to giving back. From Google, Intel and Johnson & Johnson to the Gates Foundation, large corporate donors are recognizing that giving back to their communities is critical – now more than ever.   Read article
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09 October 2008
Rain in Rio: Sharing ideas on corporate volunteering by Sarah Hayes, Consultant Director of IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A little rain in Rio couldn’t stop representatives from seven international companies from sharing good practice, brainstorming new ideas for collaboration in the years ahead, and supporting one another’s volunteer programme goals.  Read article
24 June 2008
Make your company pay for volunteering by Tory Johnson
Increasingly, companies are recognizing the perks of corporate volunteering. Bosses know that it is a strategic decision and bring in bottom-line benefits into the company. Tory Johnson, workplace contributor for the television programme "Good Morning America", gives pointers on how you can convince your employers to support corporate volunteering initiatives.  Read article
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India volunteer awards - closing soon! 
Volunteers and organizations in India take note - there are just a few days left to get your entries in for the India Volunteer Awards!  Visit site
Take example from American and international celebrity volunteers 
To mark IVD this year, the Association of Voluntary Service Organizations — a European network of voluntary service organizations based in Brussels — launched the 'Invisible Heroes' campaign to collect as many photos of serving volunteers for one year. The campaign is aimed at demonstrating the magnitude of voluntary service in Europe, and convincing key decision makers to give the issue more attention.   Visit site
Shanghai firms join volunteer alliance 
The country's first volunteers' alliance between multinational firms was established in Shanghai to mark the 23rd International Volunteer Day.

The Make A Difference Alliance, initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, is designed to encourage firms and their employees to organize charitable activities and campaigns across China.

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03 May 2008, 17:16
Give Time Together blog 
Travel corporation Sabre Holdings is in its third year of hosting a global volunteer week. It offers a public blog for its 9,000 employees around the world to share their volunteer experiences.

"We find the stories very moving and real with photos to emphasize the reality of their impact," says Carrie Mamantov, Social Responsibility Program Architect at Sabre. "We even do a contest of sorts for employees to vote on their favorite entry and then give that office some donation money to give back to the charity they helped."

View the blog here -

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07 December 2005, 18:28
Volunteers celebration week in Turkey 
On 5 December 2005, the entire world is celebrating International Volunteer Day. We at Citigroup Turkey, planned to celebrate our volunteers and those who wish to join volunteering. For this aim, we organized Citigroup Turkey Volunteers Celebration Week.  Read entry
From: IVD 2005 Blog