27 April 2006  - 04 May 2006
Melborune, Sydney, Brisbane (Australia)
ENGAGE is a three-year global campaign to increase the quality and extent of employee engagement in the development of healthy and sustainable communities.

Volunteering Australia is an International Leadership Group Partner for the ENGAGE Campaign in Australia.

Volunteering Australia, in conjunction with ENGAGE, is pleased to offer Corporate Shares, Community Profits, a series of workshops about corporate volunteering. Performance Indicators for World Class Corporate Volunteering is a workshop specifically designed for companies, while Corporate Volunteering--Making it Work for your Not-for-Profit Organization targets not-for profit organizations.

Organizer: Prince of Wales' International Business Leaders Forum, Business in the Community & NGOs
From $70 (non-profits) to $440 (companies)

This page can found at: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/browse/volunteering-issues/corporate-volunteering/doc/engage-week.html