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18 January 2006, 18:44
Is volunteering always about money? Who is a true volunteer? by Editor, World Volunteer Web
Who is the true volunteer – somebody who has “less” but gives more? Isn’t it enough to “spare” some months or years of your life to help others to be called a volunteer? Do you really have to give until it “hurts” to be the true volunteer? Or as one reader said, “(volunteering) should be based on true love?” To quote another reader: “Volunteering is always about money.” Is it?

These are some of the issues raised by our readers in response to the following two articles:

Volunteer in Yemen? ‘Please be serious!’  [28 comments]

Is volunteering just for the privileged few? [25 comments]

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06 October 2005, 20:39
Tax benefits for US firms to support employee volunteers by Kanti Kumar
In the United States, a new legislation is being introduced in the Congress “which encourages employers to continue to pay workers who volunteer in the aftermath of a disaster”.   Read entry
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