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Energize Website Update 
Free monthly updates on what's new on the Energize web site, especially for leaders of volunteers. Includes a volunteer management "quick tip of the month" from Susan J. Ellis.  Visit site
The Resource Connection 
This periodic newsletter from the US Corporation for the National and Community Service covers broad topics such as recruitment, sustainability, and training of volunteers. Past issues are available for download in PDF format.

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The International Journal of Volunteer Administration 
The International Journal of Volunteer Administration is the new version of the former Journal of Volunteer Administration. It seeks to provide for an exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge and insights about volunteerism, and volunteer management and administration, both in North America and internationally.  Visit site
100 ideas for recognizing volunteers 
Volunteer Management Manual 
Staying Alive: Safety and Security Guidelines for Humanitarian Volunteers in Conflict Areas 
The book highlights the common features of safety and security that apply or could apply to humanitarian workers working in conflict areas. It explains the dangers volunteers might face and some of the likely threats to their work and gives advice on issues of personal security, use of common sense and judgement in the field. It reflects the ever-changing conflict environment in which humanitarians have to work and deals with new threats such as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and encompasses wider issues such as protection of humanitarian volunteers under international law and practical life.  Visit site
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School of Volunteer Management  
The School of Volunteer Management (SVM) is a Registered Training Organisation providing skills, management and leadership training to the not-for-profit sector. The School is committed to assisting organisations and individuals to maximise their potential through the provision of high quality education, training and consultancy services on volunteer management and general management issues.  Visit site
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Volunteering Hub’s Good Practice Bank 
The Good Practice Bank, hosted by Volunteering England, brings together articles, information sheets, case studies, links and other helpful guidance on a range of volunteering issues. The Bank will grow and evolve as more information is added to it.  Importantly, it allows users to share their documents with other volunteering organizations.  Visit site
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Just About Managing? Effective management for voluntary organisations and community groups 
Are you aware of "Just About Managing (JAM)? Effective management for voluntary organisations and community groups"? This publication is an introductory management guide that covers many of the problems and issues faced by those who work with volunteers in voluntary and community organizations.   Visit site
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Investing in Volunteers 
Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organizations that involve volunteers in their work. The Standard enables organizations to comprehensively review their volunteer management, and also publicly demonstrates their commitment to volunteering. The Standard is managed locally by the lead volunteer development agency of each individual country of the UK.  Visit site

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