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Publications on volunteer resources management 
A list of books and publications that will help anybody working with volunteers. Also included is a list of publishers and sources for these publications. (From AVA - Association for Volunteer Administration)  Visit site
Resources for volunteer managers 
From, a rich collection of resources on all aspects of volunteer management, including getting your organization ready to involve volunteers, online activism by volunteers, and volunteer management software.  Visit site
Volunteer Management Smart Library 
A searchable knowledge base of articles and proven event models, developed by the US-based National CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Association.   Visit site
Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit 
This toolkit from Volunteering England enables organizations to assess the impact of volunteering on all key stakeholders - the volunteers, the organization, the beneficiaries, and the broader community. Organizations will be able to use it to assess a wide range of impacts, from the skills development of volunteers to the economic value of volunteering organizations. Includes a CD-ROM so users can adapt the questionnaires.
  Visit site
Six Steps to Headache-Free Volunteer Management  
Published by GAPA-BA in Brazil, this manual illustrates in detail the following six steps: planning, recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, and rewarding volunteers. Although the manual is designed with a focus on HIV/AIDS issues, its volunteer management guidelines can be equally applied by NGOs in other sectors.  Visit site
More about: Brazil  MDG 6
Volunteer Management Review 
A newsletter from CharityChannel on volunteer management issues.  Visit site
Developing and Managing Volunteer Programmes 
A rich collection of resources related to the topic from the Free Management Library, Developed by
Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting, LLC  Visit site
Bright future: Developing volunteer management 
A report, published by Volunteering England, on potential ways forward for volunteer management, with particular focus on professionalisation. The findings form the basis of the National Volunteer Managers Forum (UK) strategy to promote standards of excellence in volunteer management.   Visit site
Books on on volunteer management 
Effective practices in volunteer management 

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