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Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators (AAVA) 
AAVA is a professional association for individuals across all sections of the community who are involved with managing volunteer programs within the Australasian region, including Australia and New Zealand.  AAVA is concerned with 'building the sector' through the support, encouragement and recognition of people involved in leading volunteer programs.  Visit site
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UK National Occupational Standards for Managing Volunteers 
Standards written by a steering group of experts and practitioners led by the UK Workforce Hub and compiled by the Management Standards Consultancy, after a three month consultation period in which individuals were able to contribute their views via an online consultation or at one of the UK events.  Visit site
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Best Practice in International Volunteering and Co-operation 
A full report is now available about the European Conference held in Dublin, Ireland, on 26-27 June 2008. The theme of the conference was "Best Practice in International Volunteering and Co-operation".   Visit site
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A large selection of articles and resources on volunteer management.  Visit site
I Volunteer / Je Benevole (Canada) 
This website allows those wishing to become a volunteer in Canada to find a non-profit organization that best matches their interests, availability and expectations.  Visit site
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Trained volunteers disseminate mental health message in Sichuan 
In 2007, an AusAID-funded team of key mental health experts formulated a set of ten key messages to assist communities in China manage children's mental health post disaster. Teachers and community leaders trained when the messages were piloted are currently volunteering in Sichuan and are regarded as 'on-the-ground' experts in psychological first aid for children.  Visit site
China helps itself 
A fast-growing middle class with money to spare on travel and, as it now seems, on charity. Thousands of volunteers headed to the disaster zone, from businessmen to Christian youth.   Visit site
Engaging at-risk youth 
Youth Service America has created a new publication entitled Effective Practices for Engaging At-Risk Youth in Service. The guide is designed to provide an overview of the underlying theory and effective practices for engaging at-risk youth in service by examining the roles young people played – and can play – in serving their communities. (Links direct to PDF file)  Visit site
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Jayne Craven's list of volunteer management software 
Online volunteering expert Jayne Cravens provides a list of all volunteer management software geared for non-profit organizations.  Visit site
Is your animal shelter ready for volunteers? 
 Volunteers can be great assets to animal shelter but this book cautions that they also require resources -- valuable staff time, a strong foundation and systems to ensure that their work does not go out of control.  Visit site
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