Another question on good volunteer management
17 November 2005, 11:11
by Nan Hawthorne


I expect to have the article I promised on VMR with the results of the poll on what makes a good volunteer management published in about three weeks. I will let you know.

Now I have a similar question that will also be the basis of an article which will probably be published in December:

Q:  What are the top 2-3 MISTAKES inexperienced volunteer resources managers make?

I am looking for specific actions or lack of action rather than more general philosophical ones...

For instance, here are a couple I would list:

1.    Not being aware of the economic contribution of one's volunteers and advocating for it within one's organization.

2.      Writing recruitment messages that convey desperation and make the work look unpleasant.

Looking forward to your responses. I plan to do a lot more of these polls etc. in the future.

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Nan Hawthorne, Editor-in-Chief

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