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14 August 2006  - 31 August 2006
Rick Lynch National Training Tour of Australia
Adelaide, Bathurst, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne & Sydney
Join Rick Lynch, leading US Based volunteerism trainer and author for this challenging, stimulating and useful one day workshop

"Effective Volunteer Management : Mobilising Your Resources"

Rick is a US based volunteer management expert, trainer and author. He has written numerous books on leadership, volunteer management and excellence in non-profit organisations, including co-authoring 'Volunteer Management : Mobilising All the resources of the Community'

The day will cover :

  • the four elements of jobs that are intrinsically motivating;
  • how to really measure the impact of volunteer activity;
  • how to stop micromanaging your volunteers;
  • how to talk to volunteers who fail to meet your standard.
Organizer: OzVPM & People First Total Solutions
Rick will be presenting at various venues across the country
Various - visit or for details