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04 May 2006  - 04 May 2006
WORKSHOP: Organizational Transformation Through Volunteer Motivation
New York, USA
Utilizing adult learning techniques and current research, this practical, interactive and fun session identifies these factors and how they change during a volunteer’s life cycle. Armed with this knowledge, the session demonstrates how leaders can build strong volunteer programs.
  • Participants will understand key factors which motivate and de-motivate volunteers;
  • Participants will learn about key research findings regarding motivation;
  • Participants will develop strategies to maximize motivating factors and minimize de-motivating factors.

Speaker Details: Martin Cowling possesses almost 20 years of volunteer management experience with organizations including UNICEF and AFS Intercultural Programs. He is director of People First –Total Solutions (, a key provider of volunteer management training and consultancy. A leading presenter at conferences internationally, Martin is passionate about best practice volunteer management, ensuring both organization and volunteer directly benefit from their relationship.

Organizer: New York Association for Volunteer Administration
Con Edison 4 Irving Place (Between 14th St. and 15th St.) New York, NY 10003
$45 Members/$60 Non-members