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13 November 2015
UN Resolution 70/129: Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the plan of action for the next decade and beyond 
New York, USA: The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution on "Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the plan of action for the next decade and beyond", co-facilitated by Brazil and Japan and co-sponsored by 100 Member States.  Read article
26 June 2015
Report of the Secretary-General: Integrating volunteering in the next decade 
New York, USA: The Secretary-General reported to the General Assembly on progress made with regards to the recognition and promotion, facilitation, networking and integration of volunteerism since 2012, and presented a Plan of Action, developed by UNV, to integrate volunteerism in the next decade and beyond.  Read article
20 December 2012
UN Resolution 67/138: Integrating volunteering in the next decade 
New York, USA: The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution on "Integrating Volunteering in the Next Decade", which was co-facilitated by Brazil and Japan.    Read article
30 March 2012
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20 February 2012
IYV+10 - the General Assembly Resolution 
New York, USA: On 5 December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/66/67 on marking the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.  Read article


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NGOs gather in Bonn for sustainability summit 
From the Red Cross to Fairtrade, NGOs are meeting with UN bodies in Bonn this weekend to discuss ways of making societies more sustainable. It's a message that's been falling flat, but NGOs say time is running out.  Visit site
Filipinos sow seeds of hope, opportunity on foreign soil 

Their reasons for leaving tend to surprise Philippine immigration officers.

In a country where practically every other household has a relative trying to earn bigger bucks abroad, they chose to go overseas not to seek greener pastures—but instead sow seeds of hope and opportunity where nothing much ever grows. But then, compassion thrives on stony ground.

Denis Vanguardia, for example, helped a poor community in Indonesia start livelihood programs. Liza Lopez worked with refugees at the border between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), while Lea Acallar attended to HIV/AIDS patients in Nepal.

They are the overseas Filipino volunteers—“OFVs,” if you will—a largely unheralded but growing tribe of mission workers and global adventurers who devote a part of their lives helping other nations, and in the process develop a deeper appreciation of their own.

  Visit site
Desire to make a difference 
Enthusiasm rarely seems to be in short supply around this group – this year volunteers will rescue puppies, leave their homes to teach children in another country, clean up kilos of plastic, teach simple skills, erect houses and work in hospitals (among many, many other things) and they’ll do it all with no strings attached.  Visit site

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Photo taken by Spanish photographer Ouka Leele. It is now being used to promote Madrid's regional volunteer programme. (Dec 2007)
27 December 2007, 12:00
Spain: Madrid launches regional volunteering campaign 
A famous photographer here in Spain named Ouka Leele took a photo, on top of a  crane, of about 1000 volunteers making a spiral form. These persons were wearing raincoats in white and red colour (the colours of the flag of the Madrid Community). The photo was taken in front of the Palacio de Oriente, an important building in Madrid.  Read entry
From: IVD 2007 Blog
07 December 2007, 11:42
UK: VSO's 'Big Hand' campaign launched 
In 2008, VSO will be celebrating 50 years of sending volunteers overseas. That’s 35,000 volunteers recruited from the UK who have worked alongside some of the poorest people — woo hoo! As the leading international development organisation working through volunteers, we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work.  Read entry
From: IVD 2007 Blog