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Advocacy - Related events
04 December 2008
Uruguay - Eventos para el DIV 
Montevideo, Uruguay: El Día Internacional de los Voluntarios, el programa VNU visitará, junto con medios de la prensa, varias organizaciones sociales de los departamentos de Montevideo y Canelones. Las visitas tienen el objetivo de dar a conocer los proyectos de voluntariado y de servicio comunitario que llevan a cabo estas organizaciones para lograr los ODM.  View event
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03 December 2008
Jordan - IVD events 
Amman, Jordan: Through the Boy and Girl Scouts network, a concert will be offered by an orchestra playing traditional instruments, and 20 volunteer involving organizations will introduce opportunities at a volunteer fair.  View event
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01 December 2008
Zimbabwe - IVD events 
Harare, Zimbabwe: Three Commemorations will take place: the National level Commemorations in Harare, at the Harare City Sports Centre, on 5 December 2008; and decentralized commemorations will be held in Rusape (coordinated by FACT Rusape) and Zvishavane (Coordinated by Midland Caring Organization).  View event
26 November 2008
Nigeria - IVD events 
Lagos, Nigeria: The Lagos Summit on Volunteerism and Social Responsibility with the theme 'Volunteerism towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)' is being organized by Lagos-based volunteer-involving organizations convened by the Civil Society Network for Volunteering Development (also known as GIVE Network).  View event
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19 November 2008
Kenya - IVD events - Volunteer of the Year 
Nairobi, Kenya: Nominate your preferred organization and individual volunteer in Kenya for the Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOYA). All nominations must be received by 21st November 2008. The award ceremony will be held on IVD at the KICC in Nairobi.  View event
18 November 2008
Ecuador - Eventos para el DIV 
Quito, Ecuador: El 30 de noviembre, participe en el "Ciclopaseo del Voluntariado" por las calles de Quito, en anticipación a los festejos del DIV.   View event
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18 November 2008
England - IVD events - Community Channel 
England: Helping others can help you: Celebrating people who volunteer  View event
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16 October 2008
IVD event to recognize Hong Kong’s volunteers 
The Agency for Volunteer Service is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops sustained volunteer service. The idea is to create a civilized and caring community. United Nations set December 5 every year as International Volunteer Day. In response to the day, the Council holds its fifth ‘recognizing the city’s volunteers event’, which aims to promote the work of thousands of people from all walks of life, service groups and school volunteers. People are encouraged to donate food and other items to needy families, and to participate in community care in order to help 15,000 individuals and families in need. Disadvantaged families are also encouraged to participate in the volunteer service as a way to increase their self-esteem and strengthen the spirit of voluntary work, thus building a harmonious and caring society.

For more information (in Chinese), please click on the link to view the event.  View event
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23 September 2008
Week of voluntary engagement in Germany 
Bonn, Germany: The German-wide "Week of voluntary engagement" is taking place between the 19th and the 28th of September 2008 under the auspices of the German Federal President. It is a nation-wide campaign themed "Engagement macht stark" (Engagement empowers), aimed at raising awareness about voluntary activities and volunteering through events and campaigns.

It is led by the BBE - "Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement" (National Network for Civil Society) - a German nationwide network linking organizations and associations from the third sector and civil society, the private sector, and federal and community institutions. The BBE was founded by the National Council of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV 2001) on 5 June 2002, and has more than 210 organizations representing millions of members, including Federal and State Ministries, foundations, NGOs, research institutes, media and the private sector.

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13 August 2008
Partnerships for Social Inclusion 
Melbourne, Australia: Increasing social inclusion requires a joined-up approach that cuts across policy departments. Effective action means that the public sector should re-think the way it operates, moving from a traditional hierarchical model to one characterised by multi-sectoral partnerships and flexibility in policy delivery.

The development and nature of these partnerships and the implications for public policy will be the central theme of the Partnerships for Social Inclusion conference from 15-16 October 2008 in Melbourne.

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