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Speech: Trustpower National Community Awards 
I have had the most wonderful day, immersed in the stories of extraordinary members of our community. This has been a day where we have been impressed by a cast of heroes, champions, angels, mayors and superstars all disguised as ordinary people. It has been a day where organisations have demonstrated that they live to serve - to serve with compassion, with respect, and with absolute dedication.  Visit site
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Volunteers have got it licked in Hong Kong 
The Hong Kong Post announced that a set of special stamps on the theme of volunteerism will be released for sale with associated philatelic products on 29 March.  Visit site
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Video Volunteers Announces 'IndiaUnheard' - The World's First Community News Service 
Video Volunteers today announced the release of the 150th video made by its IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents. One of the most significant, growing collections of content ever created by rural communities reporting on – and changing – their realities, IndiaUnheard is Video Volunteers' flagship "Community News Service."   Visit site
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Let's 'Slogo' for the European year of Volunteers 2011 
The year 2011 will be the European Year of Volunteering. From 17 August until 18 September you can send a proposal for a logo and/or a slogan. There will be a shortlist of 20 from which the winner will be chosen, and the winning design will be used throughout the EU during the EYV 2011. The finalists of the competition will be invited to Brussels on 16 December 2009 where the winner will be announced. See the Let's Slogo page for more.  Visit site
Hundreds at information fair for volunteer work abroad 
People of all ages and from all walks of life are considering volunteering overseas if the turnout at a volunteering information fair this weekend is anything to go by. The fair, hosted by Irish Aid at its O’Connell Street headquarters in Dublin, saw 23 organisations set up information stands where members of the public could drop by or register their interest.  Visit site
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Global Youth Service Day - 24-26 April 
During Global Youth Service Day, millions of youth around the world organize community service projects to address the needs of their local communities through service, to be recognized for their contributions, and to be a part of a global youth service movement.

Over the past 21 years, Global Youth Service Day has brought together more than 40 million people in thousands of communities worldwide. It is held during a weekend every April in over 100 countries in every region of the world.

  Visit site
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Need to streamline voluntary work emphasized 
Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khaled yesterday opened an international forum on volunteerism at Abha Palace Hotel and emphasized the need for conducting charitable and voluntary activities in a more organized and transparent manner. "Charitable and voluntary work can be carried out effectively through management, planning and consultancy. There is no room for individual discretions and this work requires more clarity and transparency," he said.  Visit site
Formulate guidelines to promote volunteerism 
The government should formulate guidelines to promote volunteerism, which is the best tool to achieve sustainable development, speakers at a national workshop on volunteerism said yesterday.  Visit site
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Take example from American and international celebrity volunteers 
To mark IVD this year, the Association of Voluntary Service Organizations — a European network of voluntary service organizations based in Brussels — launched the 'Invisible Heroes' campaign to collect as many photos of serving volunteers for one year. The campaign is aimed at demonstrating the magnitude of voluntary service in Europe, and convincing key decision makers to give the issue more attention.   Visit site
Tehran's health patrol 
Iran Mokhtari, now 57, was one of the first recruits. Although she had only a primary-school education, she was taught the information that she needed to pass on in her community. Stopping at a home on her street, she rings a neighbor's doorbell. "Open up. I'm your health volunteer," she says, and instantly, the door is buzzed open.  Visit site

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