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A new constituency of volunteers in India 
Perhaps 42 million Indian children of primary-school age do not attend school. The UNV-supported Times of India 'Teach India' campaign aims to redress the issue. (Times of India).
Apart from the sheer number of 'Teach India' volunteers - 55,000 have registered so far - it's the kind of people who have volunteered to be part of the campaign that is truly interesting. Almost 90 percent have never done any kind of social work before. As Adeline Aubry, programme officer for UNV in India, points out, "Teach India has created a new constituency of volunteers".  Visit site
Over 10,000 volunteers sign up to teach India campaign 
Perhaps 42 million Indian children of primary-school age do not attend school. The UNV-supported Times of India 'Teach India' campaign aims to redress the issue. (Times of India).
The idea of Teach India has struck an instant chord, with more than 10,000 people signing up to pledge at least two hours a week to teach a child in their neighbourhood, mostly for weekend sessions. This army of volunteers is a multi-lingual, multi-talented one drawn from diverse streams - doctors, lawyers, company executives, educationists, actors, businessmen, housewives, writers, artists, retired folk, government employees and, most hearteningly, college students.  Visit site
National volunteer week advocated in Ghana 
The president of the newly chartered Legon Lions Club, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond, has called for the institution of a National Volunteer Week to rekindle the spirit of voluntarism in Ghanaians. He further proposed that an award scheme, dubbed 'The President’s Volunteer Service Award,' be introduced to provide recognition to volunteers and promote voluntarism among corporate bodies and the youth especially.  Visit site
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Community volunteers recognized in Queen's birthday honours 
Kitty Webber has worked as a volunteer ambulance driver for 40 years, ferrying passengers to and from hospital for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or whatever medical help they require. Now 72 years old, she is available every day if needed and often works 10 hour days.  Visit site
Obama reminds grads what they can do for country 
In a speech referencing John F. Kennedy's ideas on the US Peace Corps, presidential hopeful Barack Obama stressed the importance of volunteering. He received big applause by saying he would offer all college students a $4,000 tax credit to help pay for college - but only if they commit to public service, such as the Peace Corps or teaching in an inner-city school or working in a homeless shelter.   Visit site
European Volunteer Centre (CEV) 
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is a European umbrella association of 40 National and Regional Volunteer Centres across Europe, that together work to support and promote voluntary activity.   Visit site
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Volunteer Life 
Volunteer Life – the free quarterly e-zine on volunteering from Australia's Centre for Volunteering - celebrates and showcases volunteering as well as helps to raise awareness of volunteering.   Visit site
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Association of Volunteer Services 
AVS serves as Lebanon's national volunteer centre – working with, and supporting its member agencies. It aims to promote, facilitate and improve volunteering and community service throughout Lebanon; empower individuals who wants to make a difference through volunteering and bridge social barriers by encouraging the different sectors of society to work together.  Visit site
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A Rough Guide to a Better World 
The Department for International Development (DFID) is urging British people to use their power as consumers to help help meet MDG #1 and the other MDGs. A free printed guide to ethical consumerism and an interactive website feature people from developing countries telling their own stories.  Visit site
Volunteering South Australia 
Volunteering South Australia promotes volunteering and play a key role in advancing volunteering in southern Australia. The organization  offers assistance in managing and training volunteers and managers to its members, about 750 organizations, and help them liaise with other organizations in the country.  Visit site
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