Activities in Albania focus on youth volunteers' contribution
03 December 2004

Tirana, Albania: United Nations Volunteers (UNV), in coordination with several volunteer-involving organizations, is organizing International Volunteer Day activities in different regions of Albania to promote volunteerism and highlight volunteers' work in the country. This year's activities focused on "Youth, Volunteerism and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)".

UNV, in partnership with the Circus of Tirana and several civil society organizations, is organizing a circus to promote volunteering among children and to benefit youngsters from poor, vulnerable backgrounds. Also, the Albanian Youth Council will hold the Volunteer Awards ceremony to recognize the young volunteers' work in their communities. Both events will be held on 5 December in the capital city of Tirana.

Together with the Soros Foundation, Albanian Red Cross, VIS and Albanian Youth Council, UNV will launch the "Albanian “Book of Volunteerism". This research report on volunteerism analyzes the scope and profile of volunteer-involving organizations in Albania, its laws and policies on volunteer work and assesses the social and economic impact of volunteering.

In Fier, there will be a volunteer fair on 9 December to bring together the region's non-governmental organizations, enabling them to network and share information on. A discussion on how civil society can contribute to the implementation of the RDS together with local government agencies will be held later that day.

In Kukes, a discussion on the role of volunteering and women in civil society will be broadcast live on the radio on 5 December. On the same day, a television talk show will devote an episode on volunteerism and its importance in development.

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