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Festival of Voluntarism in Bosnia/Herzegovina
30 November 2005, 16:21
by Nicola Tiezzi

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are supporting the celebration of ‘Festival of V’ which aims to promote volunteerism and the need for an enabling environment. UNV has been leading the working group that drafted the law on volunteerism which we recently handed over to the government.

On 5 December, we are also presenting regional programme RIVER SEE. Agenda will be sent soon. We are also planning several visual tools to promote volunteerism, including projection of am omnibus video result of Albert Einstein Project implemented in 7 countries in Southeastern Europe.

Organizers of the Festival will also produce a calendar containing volunteering activities and distribute them across the country and to the media in order to highlight and give visibility to the activities taking place.

The 3 best voluntary actions and one best reportage / media coverage will be rewarded with 500 KM.

Selection will be based on:     

  • Most creative and innovative activity able to promote Voluntarism;
  • Most cost effective;
  • Activity able to involve the highest number of volunteers and beneficiaries;
  • Activities that will manage to involve the whole community (local government, enterprises, NGOs, citizens);
  • Social value of the activity and capacity to proactively involve vulnerable groups

In order to enable organizers to evaluate, participants to the Festival will submit a short report (possibly including some pictures) by 10 December.

Best regards,

Nicola Tiezzi

UNV Program Officer
48 Marsala Tita Street, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina