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05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Nigeria - IVD events

The Lagos Summit on Volunteerism and Social Responsibility with the theme 'Volunteerism towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)' is being organized by Lagos-based volunteer-involving civil society organizations convened by the Civil Society Network for Volunteering Development (also known as GIVE Network).

The Summit aims to increase awareness of and participation in volunteerism by providing information and promoting the values of volunteering towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Summit is an avenue for individuals and organizations to:
  •  Network with national and international organisations
  •  Tap volunteering opportunities
  •  Learn how volunteering can compliment your work force and help you achieve your organizational vision and goals

Highlights of the Summit:

  •  Panel Discussion on Millennium Development Goals - Poverty, Health, Gender, Education and Environment - with representatives from government and VIOs
  •  Recognition Awards presented to volunteers, who have been outstanding in innovation, involvement & impact
  •  A stage performance and dance drama on volunteering from a renowned theatre troupe
  •  Exhibition by partnering civil society organizations to showcase their programs, volunteering initiatives, opportunities and impact
  •  Opportunities for interested and inspired individuals to register with various organizations as volunteers to ensure a direct impact of the Summit