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Thank you for keeping the children safe
01 December 2005, 15:49
by Darryl Mills

While the Town of Cochrane in Alberta, Canada generally salutes the volunteers who mean so much to this community each April, a big day for volunteers arrives Monday, 5 December.

It is International Volunteers Day and is officially recognized by the United Nations as a day to celebrate and recognize the contributions of these indispensable people.

It’s no secret that without volunteers, a lot of the events and initiatives that make this town what it is just wouldn’t happen.

So, on Monday, make sure to take the time to thank a volunteer for helping to make our community a better place to live and work.

And, they shouldn’t be too hard to find. In fact, they’re probably right there in your home, living or working next door, or you yourself.

Speaking of volunteers, and community servants Councillor Andy Marshall got some unexpected kudos at council on Monday night.

Mayor Ken Bech noted that Southland had recently handed out their awards for safe driving to school bus drivers throughout the region, including Marshall, who was recognized for four years of safe school bus driving.

Marshall downplayed the accomplishment, and he noted how many drivers there are who were recognized.

Nevertheless, four years of keeping our children safe is a big deal.

Kudos Andy!

From: Darryl Mills, Cochrane Roundup