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The Internet antidote to the 'I'm too busy to volunteer' syndrome
29 September 2006

To boost national volunteerism rates, Charity Guide is optimizing the Internet to reach "would-be volunteers" on the cause of their greatest interest and at their moment of greatest willingness to act.

The truly flexible volunteer opportunities featured at allow the Internet generation to make a difference at anytime, from anywhere, in as few as 15 minutes. No advanced planning or registration is required.

Charity Guide calls the approach "Volunteering On-Demand."

The volunteer projects featured at are developed by investigative journalists who provide specific "how to" instructions and hyperlinks that make it possible to accomplish the service projects in the time promised.

As a result, busy people with unpredictable schedules are finally able to volunteer for their favorite cause, including: animal welfare, children's issues, community development, environmental protection, healthcare, and poverty. The volunteer projects can be successfully completed: in 15 minutes, in a few hours (once, or each week), or during a volunteer vacation.

Charity Guide uses search engine optimization and other advanced Internet promotion techniques to reach prospective volunteers. Most people find the volunteer opportunities featured at when searching for related topics at Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. Others are inspired to volunteer via social media links in blogs, forums, and web portals.

Trudy Kuehner of Philadelphia found via a search at Yahoo! Charity Guide has "changed her life," and, thanks to the volunteer work she has done since then, the lives of many others. "With Charity Guide, nobody has the excuse anymore of not knowing how to volunteer," Kuehner said. "And now, we all have the time."

Flexible volunteering is appreciated by the more than 600,000 "would-be volunteers" per year who are inspired by Charity Guide, including Dee Vasquez of Chicago: " showed me how to quickly make a real difference in a sick child's life. I love sending inspirational cards to hospitalized children -- it puts a smile on my face. Who knew I could touch a child's heart in just 15 minutes?"