UK: VSO's 'Big Hand' campaign launched
07 December 2007, 11:42
by VSO

In 2008, VSO will be celebrating 50 years of sending volunteers overseas. That’s 35,000 volunteers recruited from the UK who have worked alongside some of the poorest people — woo hoo! As the leading international development organisation working through volunteers, we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work.

On 5 December the world celebrates International Volunteers Day. Unite with VSO in giving a BIG HAND to all volunteers for their fantastic efforts.

We will be staging a huge Flash Mob stunt, aptly named VSO’S BIG HAND, in a central London location. We will be applauding volunteers everywhere for their contribution to the world.

The successful Flash Mob involves as many people as possible (so that means you and all your friends) as well as elements of secrecy and discretion. To find out more — register here

We (alongside you) will be flash mobbing in a Central London location (zone 1), between 8.30—9.00 a.m. In keeping with the general secrecy of flash mobbing — the location and time will not be revealed until a few days before we Mob. We will send an HTML email to update you — keep checking your inbox!

We will quite literally be giving a Big Hand to all volunteers. At a soon-to-be-released time we will give a signal (shout, a horn blow, a quick burst of song) and all mobbers will applaud and generally make a LOT OF NOISE for two minutes. In order to maximise the visual (and audio) impact — you can download your very own BIG HANDS. Please bring these with you — but remember to conceal them under your flash-mob mac!

A Flash Mob is a sudden gathering of people who form a crowd that do something unusual for a few minutes in unison and then disperse. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions

... No problem! Why not organise a flash mob near where you live? All you need to do is:

  • Decide where and when your Flash Mob will take place (flash mobbing on a motorway strongly not advised).
  • Let your friends know about it — by word of mouth or email or any virtual community.
  • Contact us — let us know where you will be mobbing — we can help you to spread the word.
  • Send them the link to VSO’s BIG HAND pages so that they can download their own BIG HANDS.
  • At the agreed time, converge with your mob and make some noise — VSO’S BIG HAND!
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