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UNV plans series of IVD events in Lao PDR
01 December 2005

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) will begin celebrating the International Volunteer Day (IVD) from 5 December 2005 until the end of the month with various events in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Bokeo. 

This year both national and international volunteers have focused their events to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  These Goals aim to tackle major global challenges such as how to pull over one billion people out of extreme poverty, reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and protect the environment. All countries, including Lao PDR, signed up to achieve the MDGs by 2015.

The events for this year’s IVD aims to help Laos PDR address its commitments to the MDGs, specifically eradicate poverty & hunger (Goal 1), achieve universal primary education (Goal 2), combat HIV and AIDS, malaria and other diseases (Goal 6), and ensure environmental sustainability (Goal 7).

UNV, working in Lao PDR since 1973, believes that volunteering can make a real difference to reduce poverty and also to boost the country’s development. The head of UNDP, Finn Reske-Nielsen while congratulating UNV said, “It is important that the International Volunteer Day is used to demonstrate that small actions and local participation can make a big difference! Volunteer action goes a long way to help the country pull its self out of poverty and to meet the MDGs.”

This year volunteers have organized the following events.

7 Dec: PAK OU DISTRICT in Luang Prabang
UNV will run an HIV/AIDS awareness event through sport competitions.

9 Dec (TBC): PAK SENG DISTRICT in Luang Prabang
UNV will hold a sports competition to fight against drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

UNVs will entertain and cook a meal for blind and deaf students in Vientiane.

UNVs have an art competition for children on the theme "How to Fight Malaria?"

18 Dec: BOKEO
National UNV will run a youth training workshop on environmental conservation

18  - 19 Dec: VIENTIANE
UNVs will repaint the Wat Phosay School and build shelves for the school library.

Date to TO BE announced: PHONE XAY DISTRICT
The UNV team will run Sports competition to fight against drug abuse and HIV-AIDS.