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Vol_nteering...the only thing missing is U
01 December 2005
by Stuart Garland

To mark IVD, Volunteering Ireland, will officially launch its new web site This provides opportunities for individuals who wish to devote some of their precious spare time to voluntary work. At the same time, non-profit organizations can make use of this pool of people to undertake much-needed, short-term work. The service is brokered by Volunteering Ireland.

Stuart Garland, Chief Executive Officer of Volunteering Ireland, says: “Our lives are increasingly busy with work, travel, family and leisure pursuits.  Research shows that the most common reason for not volunteering is lack of time, yet 65% of people who do not currently volunteer on a regular basis say they would be wiling to devote some of their spare time to voluntary work, for this reason we have developed the opportunities we have available on our web site to make volunteering even easier”  

Volunteering Ireland has also compiled a list of events taking place all over Ireland to celebrate International Volunteer Day, this guide can be also be downloaded from