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Volunteer week gives recognition to generous givers
25 November 2005
by Leo Leonidou

Nicosia, Cyprus: Volunteer week in Cyprus will give organizations and individuals the chance to make their contributions visible and is an opportunity to show that volunteerism can help people in need such as the elderly, disabled, people with illnesses, and victims of violence.

According to the Pancyprian Welfare Council (PWC), the week, which begins on Monday and culminates on International Volunteer Day on 5 December, is an “opportunity for people to understand the value and work of volunteers and to give people the opportunity to start engaging in volunteer activity, encouraging them to become volunteers in organizations that assist vulnerable groups.”

The programme is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and aims to mobilize students from all educational institutions to participate in volunteer activities.

A reception at the Presidential Palace will also be hosted by the President and his wife to celebrate IVD, where the schools which participated in the programme will be recognized, in the capital Nicosia.

In 1994, PWC established Volunteer Week to coordinate all activities that advocate volunteerism. During the week, the PWC distributes information and launches awareness raising campaigns for the social value and contribution of voluntary social organizations.