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Working towards peace in Sri Lanka
01 November 2006, 14:29
by UNV Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Here in Sri Lanka, we are planning a very exciting and symbolic event to celebrate IVD 2006. Basically, we hope to organize a number of events culminating in a peace concert towards raising more awareness about the role of volunteerism and volunteers in the peace building process and to achieve the MDGs.

The title is being fine tuned but most likely "Volunteers Plea for Peace Towards Achieving the MDGs". We hope to have both international and national participation. Although Miguel Bermeo our current Resident Coordinator/ Resident Representative would have left Sri Lanka by then, we anticipate a return mission to enable his participation in the event.

We have entered into partnership with USAID and the government of Sri Lanka. Currently in dialogue with volunteer associations (i.e Rotary Club, Scouts, Girls Guide and several schools) which are all looking positive. We are very excited about this year's celebration given its importance five years after IYV and the event itself would strategically outline the role of volunteerism for development and peace building while positioning UNV as the lead agency for volunteer promotion.