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29 November 2006, 09:16
Kosovo to initiate volunteer law by Kanako Terui
In Kosovo, UNV volunteers will hold a roundtable discussion and work towards establishing a law on volunteerism.  Read entry
19 July 2006, 11:48
Leaving noblesse oblige behind by Nan Hawthorne
Volunteering needs to and should evolve from the haves helping the have-nots to everyone volunteering in various ways as a way of actively participating in "ownership" of their nations, their societies. The democratic process should be more than electoral... it should be a matter of building and shaping even the smallest aspect of our communities and daily life.  Read entry
18 January 2006, 11:57
Appallingly limited view of volunteering by Jayne Cravens
Current promotions of volunteerism, whether in rich or poor countries, are focused primarily on government-endorsed activities: the state or large corporations, through their sponsorship of such campaigns, encourage people to work without pay to address community and social needs, the gain being a better community, improved self-esteem for the volunteer, and less money needed to pay for such action, as volunteers aren't paid.

It's an appallingly limited view of what volunteering is and its true importance and power, and it's no wonder that the unemployed and the disenfranchised scoff at such campaigns.

  Read entry
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