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Policy - Related events
25 March 2009
12th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 
"Volunteerism as a Lifestyle for Social Solidarity" is the theme of this regional IAVE conference hosted by IAVE Taiwan and the Kaohsiung City Volunteer Association. The conference will be an opportunity for NPOs, governments, and the corporate sector to work together on issues such as volunteer participation in large-scale international events and conferences, corporate social responsibility, application of ICT use in volunteer programmes, diversity and community engagement.  View event
From: IAVE
08 October 2008
Volunteering and intercultural dialogue 
Luxembourg: The next CEV General Assembly will be held at the European Parliament premises in Luxembourg from 7-8 November 2008.

The conference will focus on 'Volunteering and Intercultural Dialogue', CEV's contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. It will be exploring and defining the meaning of 'Intercultural Dialogue', its different aspects with which volunteering can be related to, and present good practice of CEV members as well as of the invited organizations on how volunteering can foster intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning.

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